Travel Information

What is the best time to visit Rustic Cove?
Anytime before or after monsoon is considered season here. The post-monsoon months are extremely rewarding for birdwatchers as the birds return to their usual perches. Rustic Cove itself sightings of over 50 varieties of birds have been as yet catalogued. Monsoon is from June to Mid September and many visitors come here simply to experience the unique phenomenon of the monsoons in the Western Ghats.

    What kind of cuisines are provided?
    You will get to eat all kind of meals with our host if they are free. A dining hall is located next to the host’s house which is 50 mts away from the guest house. Traditional coorg food is served and our host is kind enough to give you.
    Breakfast- 150/-
    Lunch – 200/-
    Dinner – 200/-

    What about camps or tents for staying in estate?
    We also include tent stay by the river bank or anywhere in the estate. Rs 200 per person and a minimum stay of 3 days. Tents are provided by the host and guest can choose the location in the premises. All kind of resting facilities are provided, with fully secured environment.

    How far are the nearest cities from Rustic Cove?
    Mysore (136 kms), Bangalore (274 kms), Mangalore (172 kms), Tellicherry (107 kms), Kannur (107 kms), Wyanad (118 kms).
    Nearest Airport:Mangalore (170 kms)
    Nearest Gas Station:Napoklu (12 kms)
    Nearest Railway Station:Mysore (134 kms)
    Nearest State Bus Station:Virajpet (23 kms)